Top 10 Trails from Zero Moments

Similar to Trails in the Sky FC, I believe Trails from Zero to be a massively underrated game by the Trails fanbase. I’ve seen the sentiment that Zero is a boring and uneventful game, but I couldn’t disagree more. It has a relatively self-contained story and is light on the big-time action that make games like SC and Ao so beloved, but it makes up for that with an excellent cast, the best setting in the series, a fascinating political landscape, and more. It excels at developing the core cast and their relationships with each other, and does a lot to flesh out the world of Zemuria even further. Hopefully given the new Geofront patch, more fans in the west will play and appreciate this game.

In this article I’m going to be counting down my personal top 10 moments from Trails from Zero. These moments range from big to small, action-packed to character-focused, and I think they all demonstrate the greatness of this game. On to the list!

You can read my Top 10 Moments for Sky FC, Sky SC, and Sky the 3rd right here.

10. Dieter’s Justice Speech


Synopsis: While searching for a mysterious figure named “Yin”, the Special Support Section goes to the IBC Building and meets Dieter Crois, the CEO of the International Bank of Crossbell. After giving them permission to inspect the building’s terminal room to determine whether or not a message they received from Yin was sent from this building, Dieter gets up from his desk and begins to speak of justice. He laments about the current state of Crossbell, claiming that Crossbell’s sense of justice is eroding as crime and political corruption worsen. He remains confident, however, that justice is important to the citizens of Crossbell, citing the popularity of the Bracer Guild. He concludes by expressing that he has high hopes for the SSS, and believes that they have the potential to solve Crossbell’s problems.

“However, no matter what people say… humans have ever been in pursuit of justice. That is what drives us forward – gives us the will to move on.” – Dieter Crois

Significance: Whenever you hear the main theme played in-game for the first time, you know that moment means something. This scene conveys the dire situation that Crossbell is in as well as any scene in the duology, and serves as a very memorable introduction to one of Crossbell’s most interesting characters.

Crossbell is a wealthy city, and the majority of its citizens live in comfort. As most of Crossbell’s crime occurs out of sight for the average citizen, most people just go about their daily lives without having to spare a thought for their city’s dire state. Corruption is rampant in the government with factions of politicians in the pocket of either Erebonia or Calvard, but the average citizens either don’t know or don’t care, because it hasn’t really affected them directly. That’s what Dieter means when he says that justice is eroding in Crossbell.

Despite this, he remains confident that justice will win out. He claims that even now, justice remains important to the people of Crossbell. It is because of a belief in justice, he says, that people feel comfortable leaving their homes every day – without the belief that crime will be punished, people would simply shut themselves away and never venture out into society. The popularity of the Bracer Guild is also proof that Crossbellans desire justice. Bracers claim to put the safety of citizens above all else, and in a country where people trust neither the government nor the police, people have turned their hopes to the guild.

Dieter’s message echoes throughout the duology, and only becomes more interesting to look back on after the events of the second game. It’s not a dramatic or action-filled scene, but that’s part of what I love about this game – it shines in small moments like this.

9. Lloyd Questions Cao


Synopsis: After hearing that the Heiyue building was attacked overnight, Lloyd and the SSS decide to go investigate. As they enter the Cao’s office they pass Dudley who, fed up with getting nothing but non-answers from Cao, passes on the questioning to Lloyd. Lloyd wastes no time, immediately requesting that they speak frankly, saying the SSS does not follow “conventional investigative protocol.” Impressed by Lloyd’s boldness, Cao laughs and obliges. He says that he doesn’t like meaningless exchanges either, and will and answer Lloyd’s questions as honestly as he is able. After Lloyd’s questioning, Cao remarks that this is the first time in years that events have been developing contrary to his expectations, bluntly stating that he is excited at this chance to wield his full intellect.

“Exactly as I had anticipated, Mr. Bannings! I had seen this coming from the beginning. Very well. I’m not particularly fond of trivial exchanges, anyway.” – Cao

Significance: This may feel like a small moment, but it’s the one that really sold me on Lloyd as a protagonist. You rarely think of Lloyd as a badass. If ever. He’s goofy, clumsy with girls, and gets teased relentlessly. But in this scene Lloyd doesn’t hold back as he puts his detective skills to work and seeks out the truth. It’s at least badass-adjacent.

Lloyd is on a mission to figure out what is happening behind the scenes in Crossbell, and he’s not in the mood for non-answers from Cao, who has been known to speak in riddles and thinly concealed threats. Instead, he decides to cut right through the BS, and he ends up earning Cao’s respect in the process. Coming off Estelle and Kevin I initially didn’t think Lloyd was all that interesting or fun of a protagonist, but this is the scene where I really began to appreciate him. He is a detective through and through, and he has the skill and determination to get to the truth.

And Cao is forthcoming with that truth (with limits, of course). He describes the events of the previous night in full detail, and admits that the Heiyue headquarters in Calvard may involve themselves if the situation worsens. He even goes so far as to tell them that there will be retaliation toward Revache for this attack – though of course, all in the interest of protecting their honest trading business. Why is he offering this information? Who knows. Maybe he believes that Lloyd and co. have a real chance of bringing Revache down, or maybe he’s just having fun as a fan of the SSS. Cao has a way of remaining terrifying even when his cooperates with the protagonists, which is part of what makes him such a fun character. I doubt this moment would have made many people’s lists, but it’s one of my favorites in the game.

8. Arc en Ciel Performance

Arc en Ciel

Synopsis: Believing that Arc en Ciel dancer Ilya Platiere’s life may be in danger at the premier of Golden Sun, Silver Moon, the Crossbell Police Department’s first division stations extra security at the event. Despite being told to stay out of it, the SSS decide to involve themselves, sending Lloyd and Elie inside the theater to keep watch for any suspicious individuals. After most of the event progresses without incident, Lloyd and Elie run into the journalist Grace Lynn, who is currently chasing after a lead. Grace informs them that there are unsavory rumors surrounding Mayor MacDowell’s secretary, Ernest Reis. Lloyd and Elie rush to the mayor’s suite, getting there in the nick of time to save his life. Ernest flees outside the theater, but is caught by Randy, Tio, and Zeit who were patrolling outside the theater.

“The dreadful conspiracy existed only to drive the young sisters apart… Despite knowing the sad truth, the sisters chose to compete against one another. Because, after all, they were sisters…”

Significance: This is the first real action-heavy moment in Zero, and it’s nice seeing the SSS prove finally prove their worth after two chapters of getting ridiculed for being nothing more than wannabe bracers. The mystery surrounding Yin, this supposed immortal assassin, is interesting, and the revelation that Ernest is aiming for the mayor’s life is a shocking twist (Elie has really poor taste in friends, huh?). This is all in all a fun scene with lots of spectacle, and one of the most memorable moments in the game.

I respect the effort that Falcom put into the play itself. Just as with the Jenis Royal Academy play in Trails in the Sky FC, they went overboard in ways that they really didn’t need to, which elevates the scene overall. The lore of the play is interesting, and you have to wonder if any of it is foreshadowing for future arcs (Calvard?). The production is colorful and flashy, and Ilya and Rixia’s (physically impossible) dancing lives up to the hype.

They also composed SEVEN unique tracks for this scene alone. And listen to how goddamn epic this is. I like to shuffle all of the Trails soundtracks together in one giant playlist, and whenever the tracks from this play come up, I often forget where they’re from and assume they’re from the actual climax of one of the games. The way Falcom went above and beyond with this scene is what makes it so great. (And not to take shots at Cold Steel, but it makes a certain scene in Cold Steel 1 where not a single original track was composed a little more difficult to accept…)

7. Lloyd and Tio Heart-to-Heart


Synopsis: Lloyd escorts Tio to a terminal room in Geofront so she and Jona can perform a joint hacking operation to discover the whereabouts of the hacker named “Kitty”. Before the operation begins Lloyd asks Tio about her Mishy keychain that is attached to her orbment, and Tio reveals that it was given to her by Guy, Lloyd’s older brother. Tio then opens up a little about her past. She went missing when she was around five years old, and was ultimately rescued by Guy. He escorted her back to her hometown in Remiferia, where she spent half-a-year in a hospital before returning to her parents. She later fled Remiferia for Crossbell, where she was scouted by Epstein for her special cognitive abilities. She says that Guy made a promise to her: “Rest easy, Tio. I know that you can find happiness. And if you have trouble finding it, just give me a call.” After the hacking operation Lloyd asks if he can inherit Guy’s promise, and Tio smiles in front of Lloyd for the first time.

“…Hey, Tio. That promise my brother made to you… Allow me to keep it.” – Lloyd Bannings

Significance: Zero excels at these heart-to-heart moments between Lloyd and the other three core party members. Halfway through Chapter 3, it’s Tio’s turn. This is a very touching scene in which Tio lets her guard down and opens up a bit about her past for the first time. The revelation that she knew Guy is surprising, and Lloyd’s request to inherit Guy’s promise is sweet (and classic Lloyd cheese). Her laugh toward the end of the scene is one of the great feel-good moments in the game. This is the first time you see her smiling portrait, and given this is a good 40 hours into the game, it is bound to have an impact. Tio, of course, tries to play it off like it didn’t happen. This scene brings the two of them closer, and it is evident how much more comfortable they’ve become around each other since the beginning of the game. Lloyd’s well-written relationships with each of the members of the SSS is one of Zero’s strongest points.

Tio and Jona’s hacking is also fun, even if it’s just a flashy slideshow, and Jona’s teasing of Lloyd and Tio at the end of the scene is a nice touch of comedy to lighten the mood. This is an important scene to Tio’s growth, and sets up future revelations very nicely.

6. Lloyd and Elie Heart-to-Heart


Synopsis: On the day the SSS was removed from the investigation into the threatening letter that was sent to Ilya Platiere, Lloyd walks onto the roof of the SSS Building at night to find Elie. After commenting on Crossbell’s night scenery, Elie goes in depth about her parents, her childhood, Crossbell’s political situation, and her reason for joining the Crossbell Police Department. The reason she joined the police was so that she could gain experience and skills that would enable her to make an impact in the government while avoiding the failures of her father and grandfather. Two months into her time with the SSS, however, she still feels powerless, and she wonders if joining the police department was just her way of running away. Lloyd cheers her up, remarking on how comfortable the four members of the SSS are becoming with each other, and says that they should just focus on overcoming one barrier at a time. Elie is grateful for Lloyd’s kind words, but awkwardness ensues when she remarks that it sounded like Lloyd was about to make a confession. Confidence restored, Elie is ready to get back to work the next morning.

“But what we need right now is the experience of overcoming these kinds of obstacles. Think about it, clear the small barriers one by one… If we do that, then someday, we’ll have the power to get over the taller barriers, too.” – Lloyd Bannings

Significance: Elie is the first of the Special Support Section members to get their heart-to-heart with Lloyd, and just like with Tio’s, it is a satisfying and beautiful scene that offers great insight into Elie’s character. Elie receives the least attention and development of the core party members in Crossbell, which is a shame because this scene sets her up for what could have been a great arc. As she talks at length about the political situation of Crossbell, you can tell that she is intelligent and deeply cares about her country. She has been demoralized by watching her father and grandfather both try and fail to change Crossbell for the better, but she is still trying to find her own way that will enable her to be the one who finally makes a difference. Her education and her connection with her grandfather should have enabled her to take a more active role within the story of this duology. Unfortunately though, very little comes of all that, and she spends most of both games on the sidelines acting as little more than a love interest for Lloyd.

That doesn’t take away from this scene though. Just as with Dieter’s speech, it does a great job of conveying the impossible political situation Crossbell finds itself in, as well as the apathetic mindset of the populace. The nighttime scenery of Crossbell is also used to great effect, and if you have played Sky or Cold Steel, you know Elie is right when she says that she doubts “you would find a night sky as beautiful as Crossbell’s even if you scoured the entirety of Zemuria.” The technological development in Crossbell is impressive, and that’s part of what makes it such a compelling setting. The chemistry between Lloyd and Elie is palpable as Lloyd attempts to encourage her, and Elie teases him afterward for his cheesiness. This scene is always one of the first images that comes to mind when I think of this game.

5. Renne Family Matters


Synopsis: Colin Hayworth goes missing during the Crossbell 70th Anniversary celebrations, and the Special Support Section is tasked with finding him. While searching the city, Lloyd is approached by Renne, who offers to help search for Colin, knowing that he is her brother. They eventually find him chasing after a butterfly on the western highway. He quickly gets surrounded by wolves and Renne jumps in to save him. She hugs him, and yells at herself, confused about why she saved him even though she told herself she wouldn’t get involved with her family. They then return to the SSS Building, where Renne and Lloyd talk until her parents arrive. Before Harold and Sophia Hayworth enter the room, Renne hides in the dresser. Colin tells his parents that he was saved by a girl with the same violet hair as Harold. Harold then decides to tell Lloyd and co. the story of how they lost their daughter seven years ago. Afterward, Harold and Sophia ask the SSS to give the girl who saved Colin their thanks. After the Hayworths leave, Renne gets out of the dresser, crying tears of joy after learning that her parents are good people who did not purposefully abandon her.

“It’s as if our little girl came down from heaven to protect Colin herself.” – Sonia Hayworth

Significance: The Renne storyline is one of Falcom’s greatest feats in multi-game storytelling. The character growth that Renne goes through from Trails in the Sky SC to this game is exceptional. She goes from a psychopathic brat with a penchant for cutting people’s heads off for fun with her giant scythe, to a mature young lady who has grown a conscience and understands the importance of being kind to others. And the transition feels totally natural!

This whole sequence is fantastic payoff for the Renne door in Sky the 3rd. In that door, Renne clearly believes that her parents abandoned her to Paradise on purpose. For that reason, I felt an intense disgust every time I saw Harold in the first few chapters of this game, thinking him to be an evil person and responsible for all the pain that his daughter went through. Renne, believing the same thing, didn’t want anything to do with her family. But if she truly didn’t care about them, if she truly didn’t want a family, then why does she tag along with Lloyd on the search for her brother, and why does she save him from those wolves? That’s what has her so confused and mad at herself as she holds Colin on the highway and cries. Despite her best efforts to keep her distance, her instincts as an older sister kicked in and she couldn’t stop herself from pulling out her scythe and bringing him to safety.

This makes it all the more affecting in the next scene when she learns that her parents are good people who never meant to abandon her. She still doesn’t feel ready to meet them face-to-face, and maybe she won’t for a long time, but it does bring her great joy to know that her parents miss her and would be overjoyed to have her back. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think of this as a really important moment for Renne’s personal development, allowing her to have more faith in other people. This is a beautiful sequence, and one of the best moments in the game.

4. The Battle Race


Synopsis: On day two of the Crossbell Anniversary Festival, certain circumstances lead to Wald and Estelle butting heads in the harbor district. With both of them heated and looking unlikely to calm down, Randy suggests a peaceful solution to their conflict: a “battle race” (or “chase battle” as I’ll always know it from the original Japanese) in the downtown district. Three teams will compete: Wald & Wazy, Estelle & Joshua, and Lloyd & Randy. The first team to tag all three checkpoints and return to start wins. After a surprise attack from Wald and Wazy during the race, Randy enters a strange, intense mood, declaring that he is getting fired up. With Randy now going all out, he and Lloyd are able to win the race. Later that evening, Lloyd and Randy sit down on a blanket in front of Lotus Heights and share a heartfelt moment. Randy hints at his dark past, and Lloyd shares his desire to become strong like Randy and Guy.

“Is the me who’s always smilin’ and laughin’ now the real me? Or, is the monster who lost his cool during a fun little game who I really am? The answer has become totally muddled these past two years…” – Randy Orlando

Significance: This scene is pure fun, and one of my favorite crossover moments in the series. Estelle’s personality is captured perfectly. She has matured a lot since FC, but she can still be quite hotheaded, as is demonstrated here when she refuses to back down from her confrontation with Wald without a fight. Which leads to a humorous moment right before the race where Estelle suddenly apologizes to Wald for losing her temper, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of doing the race in the first place. I had been waiting since the beginning of Chapter One for Estelle and Joshua to get involved in the main story again, and I’m sure I couldn’t stop grinning throughout this entire sequence.

This is one of Randy’s best and most important scenes in the duology. The race is so wacky and out of left field, but it’s fun, and serves as a great way to bring these characters closer together and give them a respite from the tension of their daily lives. Growing up around Jaegers, Randy has seen his share of conflicts, and this is likely a technique he learned growing up to resolve disputes peacefully. The race ends up backfiring on him a little, however, when his competitive juices bring out a side of himself he would rather not have shown. This is a great way of fitting character development into a seemingly innocuous moment, and will definitely have the player wondering what kind of past Randy has.


After the race it’s Randy’s turn for a heart-to-heart with Lloyd, and just like with Tio and Elie’s respective scenes, it is wonderfully written and believably deepens the bond between him and Lloyd. Randy opens up a bit about the identity crisis he is going through – is he really the fun-loving Randy that his friends in Crossbell know him as, or is what he showed during the battle race his true nature? While he doesn’t give Lloyd any concrete details about his past, just the fact that he opens up at all rather than simply deflecting Lloyd’s questions shows how much he’s come to trust his new companion. Lloyd then opens up about his brother, and makes Randy promise to tell him about his past once he becomes strong like Randy and his brother. This scene has it all: great crossover with Estelle and Joshua, a fun scene full of spectacle in the battle race, and great character development between Randy and Lloyd.

3. Attack on Crossbell


Synopsis: Joachim Guenter orchestrates an assault on Crossbell City using the Gnosis he supplied to Revache and the CGF. After the SSS building is attacked, Lloyd, Elie, Tio, Randy, Dudley, and Sergei grab KeA and Shizuku and make their escape. Madness ensues as they do their best to run from the mind-controlled troops, and after splitting up from Dudley and Sergei, the rest eventually make it to safety at the IBC Building with the help of Dieter and Mariabell Crois. The party takes time to regroup, and Lloyd and (Elie/Tio/Randy) have an important bonding moment. Before long, waves of mind-controlled CGF troops begin to march on the building’s gate. The SSS hold them off as a number of characters of questionable moral fiber watch from the rooftops. Guenter then speaks through one of the troops and asks for KeA, promising to end the violence if she hands herself over. Arios, Dudley, and Sergei then show up and finish off the rest of the CGF troops, and Guenter releases the person he was controlling. Using the Crois’ car, the crew heads toward the Sun Fort to take out Guenter.

“No! Listen to me, KeA! You’re afraid of the dark, right? If you leave us, won’t you be lonely? I’m begging you, don’t listen to a word he says! He’s tricking you! …A burden? You’ve only been a blessing! I want… No, we ALL want you to stay by our side, for as long as you can!” – Lloyd Bannings

Significance: This is the moment you expect in every Trails game where everything the game has been building up comes together and all hell breaks loose. Once you find that Guenter isn’t at the hospital you realize that he must be up to something big. I love the slow buildup from there to when the action begins. There is a real uneasy feeling as the party returns to the SSS Building to assess the current situation and decide what to do with KeA and Shizuku, and you know stuff’s about to go down when you hear gunfire through the phone call with Michel from the Bracer Guild. Then just as they were about to leave the building, two CGF troops shoot their way through the screen and into the building. From there it’s non-stop action until the party reaches the IBC Building.

During the respite from action at IBC the game treats you to the series’ first bonding event. Whether or not you feel like this mechanic belongs in Trails, it’s executed pretty well here. It feels like a much-needed moment for the characters to destress before they are thrown back into the fire, and offers some nice character development. It’s unfortunate though that Elie’s is the only bonding event that has much value, but I suppose they needed to save the big stuff for Ao.

The stand at the IBC gate as wave upon wave of mind-controlled IBC troops throw themselves at the party is also thrilling, and comes to an effective climax when KeA offers to give herself up to Guenter if he promises not to hurt her friends. You can always count on Trails games to have an epic conclusion, and Zero is no exception.

2. The Schwarze Auction

Could you have come up with a better fake name, Lloyd?

Synopsis: The SSS travels to Mishelam to attend the Schwarze Auction, seeing this as a good opportunity to investigate the criminal underbelly of Crossbell. Inside the auction Lloyd and (Elie/Randy/Tio) spot a number of interesting characters, including Mariabell, Lechter, Kilika, and Wazy. Throughout the night Lloyd hears a voice calling out to him, saying “find me.” After noticing that the mafia seems to be upping security, Lloyd, (Elie/Randy/Tio), and Wazy, who has joined the party, decide to make one more lap around the mansion to find out what is going on, thinking that there might be an intruder. The intruder turns out to be Yin, who tells Lloyd that there is a “bomb” among the goods being sold at the auction. After investigating, Lloyd finds a girl, who he initially mistakes for a doll. The girl’s name is KeA, and she has amnesia. They grab KeA and fight their way through the mafia to escape, teaming up with the rest of the party outside of the mansion. They make it to the docks, where Garcia Rossi is waiting for them. After a fight, the truth of Randy’s jaeger past is revealed. Sergei then shows up with a boat, and the SSS and Wazy make their escape.

“Believe me, this is no ordinary auction. Famous individuals from a multitude of fields have come to socialize and mingle tonight. …For tonight it would be my pleasure if you would all consider my home as your home. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves.” – Speaker Hartmann

Significance: I feel like this sequence gets slept on as one of the very best moments in Trails. It’s got everything – political intrigue, fascinating characters, plenty of humor, great music, intense action, and major revelations. It’s a superb finale to Chapter 3, which I consider to be one of the best chapters in the series.

Exploring the auction is a lot of fun. Lechter is at his troublemaking best, even deciding to fish in one of Hartmann’s indoor ponds. You find Wazy getting caught up in a lover’s quarrel during his work as a host. Kilika teases Lloyd and talks about the political reasons why the illegal auction is convenient for both the Empire and the Republic. You learn that Mariabell is in charge of Mishelam’s development. And all the while you’re feeling the thrill of infiltrating this top-secret auction that’s been one of the largest sites for criminal activity in Crossbell for years. It really feels like the SSS has come a long way.

KeA 2

The introduction to KeA is mysterious and leaves a real impression, which is great because she’s one of the most important characters of the duology. You’re left with a number of questions: Why was KeA in a briefcase as if she were going to be sold at the auction? Where did she come from, and why does she have amnesia? Why did Yin call her a bomb? How was she able to call out to Lloyd’s mind, telling him to find her?

The escape, and the music that plays with it, has always reminded me of Final Fantasy IX, and to me that can only be a good thing. The mansion makes for a really fun set piece as you fight your way through mafia to escape and get KeA to safety. The scene where Lechter covers for you is hilarious. And then the reveal that Randy is the son of the former head of the Red Constellation is the icing on the cake on this thrilling sequence. The auction is a blast all around, and one of the best exhibitors of Zero’s greatness.

1. Renne Saves the Day

Renne 2

Synopsis: The SSS and Estelle and Joshua Bright infiltrate the Sun Fort in order to capture last surviving member D.G. Cult, Guenter Joachim. They fight Guenter in the deepest level of the fort, and then he takes a red Gnosis drug and morphs into a massive demon. The party defeats Guenter, and as he is dying he goes berserk and ensnares them with red tentacles. With the party in need of a miracle, Renne enters the stage with Pater Mater and saves the day. Now free, the party finishes off Guenter. Afterward, Estelle and Joshua get their happy reunion with Renne, and they officially invite her into the family.

“Renne, we know everything there is to know about you. Your past, your sorrow, your pain… But also your happiness and everything you love doing. You can’t run away from us. Not anymore.” – Estelle Bright

Significance: I’ve talked a lot in these top 10’s about the power of continuity in the Trails series, and how so many moments are elevated if you’ve played all the games. This scene is one of the best, if not THE best example of this. This is the conclusion to an arc that stretched three entire games, starting in Trails in the Sky SC and ending right here in Trails from Zero.


Renne’s storyline from SC through Zero is one of the best in the series. There was very little to like about Renne in SC. She does show some good though in the form of her friendship with Tita, and Estelle becomes convinced that she can save her, just as Joshua was saved by Cassius. Sky the 3rd develops Renne’s character further by revealing her horrific backstory, and you can see her become comfortable and friendly with that cast of characters throughout the game.  At the end of that game Estelle and Joshua invite Renne into their family, and Renne admits that she loves them before she runs away. Estelle and Joshua make it their mission to catch her, and now at the end of Zero, they finally have. If you’ve played every game, the payoff is immense.

Renne grows as much as any character in the entire series. As I said earlier, she goes from a bratty and annoying little girl with a penchant for making heads fly with her giant scythe to a mature and genuinely likeable character by the time you get to Zero, and the transition feels totally natural. Renne is easily one of the MVPs of Zero. Every scene she appears in, including a couple of moments that didn’t make this list such as her mysterious encounter with Arios and her appearance at Ursula Medical College in the final chapter, is a winner. She’s a fun character, and if you’ve played Sky you should be invested in her storyline and itching to see her reunite with Estelle and Joshua. Looking at this top ten list along with my top ten moments for SC and 3rd, six of the thirty moments involved Renne in some way. That’s twenty percent! It’s no wonder she’s a fan favorite.

It’s also rewarding to see the cult behind Paradise worked into Zero’s plot as the main antagonists, and Falcom was smart to connect Tio to the cult as well in case the player hasn’t played Sky. It’s maybe a little unfortunate that the SSS gets overshadowed a tad by the Brights during the climax of this game, but I don’t think it’s a problem as the reunion doesn’t overstay its welcome and the SSS had plenty of motivation to be there as well. This is my favorite moment from Trails from Zero, and one of the best examples of what the Trails series’ continuity is capable of leading to.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Trails from Zero Moments

  1. I’m actually one of the few who prefers Zero to Ao so this was pretty refreshing to read! I’m not huge on Crossbell for the most part either but there are certainly parts of it that I do like. Renne’s whole character in this game for instance I consider to be masterfully executed. If a player has gone through the Sky saga, Renne’s character in this game is absolutely tragic, yet fulfilling.

    Another one of my favorite parts of this game is the Battle Race since not only is it one of the few times in Crossbell where I felt like there was proper bonding and characterization, but it made me care about Randy a whole lot more. Kinda funny actually. Randy went from the character in Zero that I was initially expecting to dislike the most but he became my favorite character in the Crossbell saga by the end of Ao.

    Nice read!


  2. What’s up Dicekey; I just realized you had a top 10 moments article for Zero as well. Thanks so much for putting this up! I finished Zero about a month ago and I can’t stop thinking about it; it was so good! Totally agree on the #1 moment being at the end w/ Renne. So insane how she is developed across three games to get to this climatic point. When Estellte says ‘Caught You’ w/ Fulfilled Feelings playing there’s no way you can’t cry; damn. Really love the post battle race scene w/ Lloyd and Randy that you highlighted as well.

    I haven’t played Azure yet but I’m so hyped for it as a lot of people are saying it’s the best game in the series so far.

    Please do a top 10 list for Azure as well as the Cold Steel games!


    1. Thanks for reading alee909! I’m glad you liked this game so much, and I’m so happy to see Crossbell finally getting its due in the West thanks to Geofront. I think Azure is the best game in the series too. It’s a wild ride of a game. I’m sure you’ll love it.

      I definitely want to do top 10 moments for the rest of the series too, though finding time to work on this blog has been a little difficult lately. I’ll do Azure for sure, probably some time in the next few months. That game is like SC in that it’s so big I could easily do a top 20.


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